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The Wait is Over!

My contemporary romance Royal Passion was launched today, Tuesday, 24th October. The wait is over!

I’ve written twenty-three books, and this is my twenty-second romance. It’s also the first book in a trilogy. Subscribers to my newsletter can read the prequel to all three books, Royal Rivals, for free.

The subtitle of Royal Rivals is One Crown, Two Royal Houses, Three Love Stories. This prequel showcases the couples who will feature in the trilogy. For a sneak peek into their lives before they met each other, sign up for my newsletter here.

Book cover for Royal Rivals by Christina Hollis royal blue silk background with a golden coat of arms

To buy the ebook of Royal Passion, click here.


…here’s a taster from Leo and Sara’s romance in Royal Passion, to whet your appetite…

“Addiction, depression, suicide – I have seen it all,” said Leo.

“And I suppose you’ve got the ideal prescription?”

He strolled around to stand beside her. “Of course I have. Close your eyes.”

“In a public place?” Sara gasped, but he was deadly serious.

“Do it. Close your eyes and open your mouth.”

His commanding voice made her obey instantly. When she realised what she had done, her eyes flew open again–at the exact moment the cool kiss of silver touched her bottom lip. Leo had piled a spoon with champagne granita and was about to put it into her mouth.

“Open wide.”

“I’m not a child.”

A bead of sorbet fell from the overloaded spoon. It landed on the smooth pale skin at the base of her throat, trembled, and ran down into the shadowy cleft between her breasts.

“I can see that,” Leo purred.

“But people are staring at us!”

“Let them. Open your mouth, or – ”

“Or – ” Or what, she was going to say, but Leo took his chance. As she replied, he put the spoon into her mouth. She couldn’t talk with her mouth full of sorbet, so she clenched her teeth on the silver spoon.

“I thought you said you weren’t a child?” he teased, tugging at it.

She released her grip. “I only did that because I’ve got a chill in my teeth.”

“Excuses.” He scooped up another helping of the dessert in front of her. “I am including a sample of each different flavour. If you don’t enjoy it, then I am afraid there is no hope for you.”

“Is that your professional opinion?”

“Maybe. First, I would need to make a full examination…”

She scowled.

“…of the facts,” he added smoothly, slicing into another scoop of sorbet.

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