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Autumn Leaves and Autumn Treats

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is starting to ruffle its way through the woods surrounding our house. This summer was so wet the bracken grew to over six feet high in many places. It makes perfect cover for the wild boar during the day, but it began to turn rusty toward the end of September. The longer, cooler nights since then and a couple of heavy rainstorms have turned the fronds a dull brown and beaten them down to knee-height.

Autumn Treats

There’s an Indian summer forecast for this weekend. That suits me: DD is coming home for the weekend. On Saturday, we’re introducing her to a great Italian street food kiosk. We’ve got tickets for the Forest Food Festival on Sunday, so that will be another enjoyable trip. This Food Festival is small, but well worth a visit. All kinds of local food producers have stalls, and there are presentations by chefs and live music too.

Drawing of a  Gloucester Old Spots pig  - ogo of the Forest Food Festival in 'Autumn Leaves and Autumn Treats'

Last year I bought some fat heads of garlic from The Garlic Farm, and planted them when I got home. I harvested the crop a few weeks ago. It’s been so good, I’m hoping The Garlic Farm will be there again this year, so I can buy some more!

Apart from the Covid year 2020, we’ve been to The Forest Food Festival every year. It’s a funny thing, but it’s always had perfect Autumn weather, blue sky, warm sunshine and only the occasional mare’s tail of cloud in a clear blue sky. The forecast this year is for more of the same, so we’re looking forward to a pleasant stroll around the stalls. It’s a good place to start picking up little stocking fillers. Quite apart from food themed presents such as cordials, beers, chutneys and other preserves there are plenty of treats on offer in the craft tent. A local photographer produces beautiful calendars filled with local scenes, there are handmade soaps, paintings and other artwork. Last year DD bought a beautiful little hand-painted dish.

My End-Of-Summer Resolution

My To-Be-Read pile is almost as tall as I am, so with only three months left of 2023 (where did the time go?) I’ve made an end-of-summer resolution. When I wake up each morning, I now set a timer and read for twenty minutes before I get out of bed. As I normally wake before five a.m, it doesn’t eat into my working day, and it’s a manageable length of time. Its surprising how much I can read in that short time.

I love a tick box, so my daily reading sessions have been added to the chart I made on Canva to log all the little jobs I have to do leading up to the launch of Royal Passion on 24th of this month. If you sign up to my monthly reader newsletter here you can download the prequel to Royal Passion, Royal Rivals, for free.

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