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Royal Passion Goes Live!

At last I can say those magic words—I’m an independent author! Royal Passion will be published on 24th October. You’ll be able to order it as soon as all the links are in place and live, which will be within a few days of the date of this blog.

Book cover Royal Passion, Greek beach, sea, romantic couple

From Start—to Finish

I’ve written here about how it was my New Year’s Resolution for 2023 to stop procrastinating and start publishing my backlist. I’ve learned so much in the past six months. So many people—in particular Joanna Maitland and The Society of Authors—have kindly offered support and advice. It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating process, but I felt a real sense of achievement when I submitted the final, final, final draft and the computer said “yes”.

My Books

I’ve already added Royal Passion to the My Books page on here, but at the moment it’s for information only. As soon as I can I’ll be adding clickable links so you can find the ebook on Amazon, although that won’t be the only place Royal Passion will be on sale.

And When Royal Passion Goes Live Online…

I’ll let you know when Royal Passion goes live on all the platforms, ready for pre-orders. By the way, isn’t it funny to talk about “pre-orders”? That’s what we used to call “orders”!


I’ll be sending out my August newsletter this week. Among other things, this month’s email includes a look behind the scenes of the recent Society of Authors Zoom chat, and a seasonal recipe (I’m still trying to decide which is more photogenic, damsons or blackberries). There will also be the chance to win an advance copy of Royal Passion. To find out how to enter my competition, sign up here to receive my newsletter, which will have full details.

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