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Adventures in Self-Publishing

Rather than let my backlist gather dust, I’m going to republish selected pieces of my writing. Join me at the start of my adventures in self-publishing…

A Coral Reef of Creativity

During my career as a writer, I have written a ton of stuff. Articles, short stories, and novels are sitting around in my office and on my computer gathering dust (both real and virtual). After years of living alongside this coral reef of creativity, at last I’m going to put it to good use. It’s either that, or one day I shall disappear under a landslide of Lever Arch files.

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My First Adventure in Self-Publishing

A few years ago, I put out a story, My Dream Guy, on Amazon. You can read that for free here, and find more of my published books here and here. I did that after discovering how easy it was to do that using the writing tool Scrivener. Around that time, I joined the Alliance of Independent Authors after attending a presentation at an RNA conference. I was inspired…but never quite brave enough to load up more of my work and press ‘publish’. Every time my Alli subscription fell due I would think, “This year I’m definitely going to do it!” Then life got in the way, the days turned into weeks, and then months. You know how it is.

The Adventures Start Here…

And then this year the planets aligned—or rather, an attack of guilt about how much I spend on various subscriptions sent me out to local meetings of both the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Society of Authors in the same week. My regular New Year’s Resolution to self-publish was already months old, and I had done nothing about it. Then Historical novelist Joanna Maitland inspired members of the RNA with her experiences of self-publishing her extensive backlist. My flagging spirits revived. Three days later, I went to a meeting of the Society of Authors’ Monmouthshire group. I was still feeling enthusiastic after listening to Joanna when members of the SoA got to work on me. Instead of the leisurely lunch I had expected, I spent the whole time making notes (when I wasn’t eating). By the time I got home, my mind was buzzing with ideas and suggestions. Then my research started. It’s been going on ever since.

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…the Self Publishing Is Coming Soon!

Right now, I’m investigating the keyword creator Publisher Rocket and the manuscript formatting package Vellum. I have given this blog a makeover, and I’m busily updating the manuscript of His Majesty’s Secret Passion. This will be the first book from my backlist that I produce. It will have a new name, Royal Passion, and a brilliant new cover is being produced as I write. Subscribers to my monthly newsletter will hear about my adventures in self publishing as they happen, and they will be the first to see the cover of Royal Passion when it is ready. Join them by entering your email address here!

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    1. Thanks, Liz. I read a quote somewhere saying; “When I’m through learning…I’m through” so I try and keep looking for new challenges. Self-publishing is certainly a challenge!

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