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More Reading, Writing, and Reviews

Hello, and welcome to my first post of 2023. I hope you had a happy, peaceful Christmas and New Year with plenty of time for reading and relaxation. This year I’m hoping to spend more time reading, writing and posting reviews.

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It’s always peaceful here in the depths of the countryside but this holiday season was even quieter than normal(apart from the sound of coughing). Hours after our darling daughter arrived to spend Christmas, she was contacted by her company with the news that three-quarters of the people who had been at their Christmas party had tested positive for Covid.

Despite testing negative, one after another my whole family came down with a horrible bug. Luckily the first casualty didn’t occur until Boxing Day. At least we were all able to enjoy our Christmas dinner before the lurgy struck!

This year I’m hoping to spend more time reading. I’ve started a new page on this site for reviews. You can read my first one of the New Year here. I usually read fiction when I’m writing non-fiction and vice versa, so I’ll be reviewing books of each type over the next twelve months.

My New Year resolution is to look into self-publishing in 2023. I’ve joined the Association of Independent Authors (Alli), and subscribed to The Creative Penn Podcast. It seems a shame to let my backlist gather dust when I’ve retained all the rights for a lot of my stories and novels. You can see some of my books here.

That’s my to-do list for this year: more reading, writing and reviews. What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2023?

What do you think?

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