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Struggle and Suffrage in Bristol, my non-fiction book for Pen and Sword Books will be released in February 2019. The bright ideas and determination of many mothers, educators, wives, artists, doctors, survivors and pioneers made Bristol great in times of war, civil unrest and hardship. This is their story. It’s a book for lovers of Bristol everywhere. Order it here from the publisher for a big discount!

Here’s the opening of Struggle and Suffrage in Bristol…

It’s freezing, pitch black, and silent- apart from the sound of rats under the bed your wheezing children share. Snow has blown in under the door overnight. Fetching all the water you need from the communal well will be a slippery job today. If your husband gives you some money, your family can eat. If not, hard luck. You’ll all have to go hungry. Welcome to the life of a Victorian woman living in one of Bristol’s riverside tenements. Women lurked in the footnotes of history until they gained an element of control, first over their own money, later their vote and finally, their lives. Much of that progress was driven by women themselves. It took a hundred years of hard work, lobbying and violence before their lives improved to anything like today’s standards. The only way was up-and Bristol women led the way.

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