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Three Warnings For Writers

I’m a bit uneasy about the amount of information available online. There’s something to be found on just about anyone, and it can be accessed by  nearly everyone. Social networking is great fun, but there are three things to keep in mind –

One – Post as though your words were going to be printed in words a foot high and stuck on your front door. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your next-door-neighbour to read – in case they do. They probably will.
Two – It’s safest to assume that, like diamonds,  online words are forever.  Yes, some information has been made to vanish from the net like snow in summer, but that was only because some very big players were involved. Even if your tweet, text or mail can be erased, the saying that a lie can be round the world seven times before the truth is out of bed is as true today as it’s always been. Libel is serious – and expensive.
Three – Not so much a warning as a reminder – if things get too heavy, you can always step away from the computer. Cyber bullying is an ugly concept. It’s a nightmare once you’ve been drawn in, so try and stay well away. At the first sign of trouble, remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said: no one can make you feel inferior without your consent, so do the internet equivalent of picking up your ball, and taking it home.

7 thoughts on “Three Warnings For Writers”

  1. Thank for commenting, Cara, and your kind words.There's the worries about copyright of images on the net to think about too, now, so I shall be doing a piece on that soon.

  2. It's just as important for non-writers to remember these rules too, I think, Christina – one just has to think of all the “private” parties advertised on Facebook which ended up with hundreds of people turning up uninvited. And congratulations on the rankings as well!

  3. Thanks Elanor – funnily enough, the book I've just finished writing has a Facebook party that gets out of hand. Luckily the Croquembouche hits the carpet, not the fan!

  4. Hi Rachel, thanks for commenting. Your “just be nice. Always.” is a good maxim – you never quite know who may be behind that fanciful Twitter name, or who might be Friending!

  5. I’m puzzling my way through swapping from a Blogger blog to a WordPress one. Why this was categorised as a draft ready for publishing I have no idea. I pressed the buttin, and up it popped!! 😀

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